TRADE FROM ANYWHERE WITH A TRADING SERVER Planes, Trains, Automobiles even the Beach Intel Xeon CPU's Enterprise Grade SSD Storage 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Windows or Linux O/S Fast Provisioning, Monthly Contracts GET STARTED NOW FREE 2 Months if paid annually TRADING VPS HIGH PERFORMANCE TRADING Stay connected to the exchanges 24/7
with dedicated high speed data links
Intel Xeon CPU's Enterprise Grade SSD Storage 99.99% Uptime Guarantee Windows or Linux O/S Fast Provisioning, Monthly Contracts GET STARTED NOW 2 Months FREE if paid annually

Our Servers are Built for Trading

High performance, low latency, fast uplinks, plenty of bandwidth and rock solid reliability,
just a few reasons to use one of our Trading Servers

Why Use a VPS

In short speed, stability and the ability to trade from anywhere as if you were sat in front of your own PC.

Our Trading VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, permanantly connected to the internet via dedicated high speed data links providing excellent upload and download speeds (see speed test)

You install a remote desktop client (RDP) onto any internet enabled device including Smart Phones, Tablets, PC or Mac and connect to the VPS.

Windows operating system is pre-installed on the VPS ready for you to install your trading software/bots. So once you are connected to the VPS the look and feel you get is very much like working on your own computer.

Lightning Fast Data Connection

Once connected to the VPS, only minimal data from your keyboard, mouse and screen is being transmitted via your local (slower) internet connection.

Your trading software/bots, which are now running on the VPS handle all communications and trade placements to and from the exchanges using the dedicated high speed data connection, irrespective of your actual location or local connection speed.


All Available in Dublin or London City Locations



£ 25.00


  • Fully Configurable Cloud VPS with Linux O/S
    Starting Specification of:
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • 2 x Intel Xeon CPU Cores
  • 2GB Ram
  • 30GB SSD
  • 3 TB Bandwidth/Month
  • Month by Month Contract
  • Pay Annually and get 2 MONTHS FREE





  • Perfect for Manual Traders,
    VPS Fully configured with OpenVPN
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • 1 x Intel Xeon CPU Cores
  • 512MB Ram
  • 7GB SSD
  • 1 TB Bandwidth/Month
  • Month by Month Contract
  • Pay Annually and get 2 MONTHS FREE


Built for Reliability

We use the best of everything, HP and Dell Blades with OnAPP cloud virtualization power all of our VPS servers. We are happy to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Blazing Fast SSD Storage

We always deploy Enterprise SSD Arrays with only datacenter grade SSD Drives to ensure ultra fast performance and rock solid reliability for all of our Storage


Gunuine Intel Processors

We always use true server grade Intel Xeon E5 v2 Processors. This guarantees you always get stable, predictable performance with no CPU limits or throttles

Manage With Ease

From your admin area you are able to reboot, power on/off, re-install and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of answers to our most popular questions.

If you run automatic strategies with no manual input then a VPS is the best solution for you. If you trade manually then its possible to run through a personal VPN/Proxy, here your Trading Software runs on your local PC and the VPN/ Proxy provides your internet connection to the exchanges via an OpenVPN encrypted tunnel using the VPN IP address to connect to the exchange.

Its really very simple. You will need to connect using a Remote Desktop Client (see below), which is installed on on the device you wish to connect from ( Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc…). You can then log on to your VPS from anywhere (with an Internet connection) and use your VPS just like your home PC.

We usually recommend Microsoft Remote Desktop. It is easy to use and is available to download on most platforms (MacOSX, iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Microsoft Phones). Microsoft provides this for free and we think the official Microsoft RDP client is one the best options to use.

If you choose a Windows O/S then nothing really! It will look and feel very much the same as any Windows PC, there are very few minor differences.
You install your usual trading bots or software and run them on the VPS and you continue to use them as if you were sat at your usual computer.

All rentals are on a Month by Month basis, no long term commitments. However should you wish you can subscribe for 6 or 12 Months and make considerable savings.

We accept payment via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Bitcoins & Direct Debit.

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